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Precision machining

Investment Tooling International Limited offer a broad range of Aerospace, Medical and Motor sport machining expertise, utilising the latest precision CNC machining technologies using high speed machining centers with machining beds of up to 2m x 1m, 4 axis high speed machining center, 4 axis wire eroder, CNC lathes, spark eroders and Co-ordinate Measuring Machines to guarantee quality. For more details on our manufacturing capacity click here.

  • Wealth of technical expertise.
  • Machining beds of up to 2m x 1m.
  • Machine complex 3D components using the most up to date CAD CAM systems.
  • CNC milling machines with spindle speeds of upto 24000rpm.
  • 4 axis milling capability to machine complex shapes and keep costs to a minimum.
  • Capacity for 'one off', prototype, medium or large batch of components.
  • Inspect complex 3D components with latest CMM software.
  • Fast turn-around time available.
  • We run a night shift to ensure tight deadlines can be met.
  • Equipment and expertise to manufacture components to high tolerances.
  • In-house transport facility allowing us deliver your components, and keep to tight deadlines.

ITI Manchester is Here For You

Investment Tooling have a vast wealth of experience for you to tap in to, our team is ready to help and advise you from concept to product sign off. Please call us on 0161 653 8066 to speak to one of our members.

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